[Big A Travel Journal] My First Solo Flight

oleh -1 Dilihat

It finally came. The day I was waiting for. The day I rode Garuda again! I finally got to go on a plane after nearly 1 year. That has got to be an achievement. And for the first time, I got to ride it alone.

Your reactions might have been surprised. You might have thought I was going to another  country by myself without any parent supervision. Ha! I wished that’s what happened. Unfortunately that’s not what happened. I just went to Bali. And my parents went with me. Not on the same plane though. They went on Air Asia while I went on Garuda. It‘s a long story. But I just might tell you.

So it all started a long time ago (flashback). My mum booked us a flight to Bali. She booked 4 tickets for the 4 of us. My mum also booked us a villa there. I was excited because it’s been months since we went anywhere. Because I am a good student, I didn’t want to go on the weekdays. Skipping class would surely make me less smart, and I would have lots of homework. So mum bought tickets for Friday afternoon. 

It turns out my school has an event that crashed with our plans. Because I’m a good student, I gave up my Garuda ticket. So the 3 of them left me. They went to Bali, while I was stuck with the other students. They did not stay 2 nights like they planed though. Oh well, good enough. That’s what I thought.

After months passed. It turns out my aunt was going to Bali for a few days. Since I still had a ticket, I decided to join them. I didn’t feel scared or anything. The one reason I wanted to go alone is because I could eat whatever I wanted. If I had any spare time before my aunt arrives I could eat a few snacks (If my parents gave me money). I’ve thought about going on a plane by myself before. My mum said I could accompany my dad to Singapore and go back by myself. My dad did not allow it. I have no idea why. It’s only an hour flight. I really wanted to eat all those snacks that mum usually won’t allow us to eat.

A few months before I went to Bali, mum gave me news. Whether it was good or bad you decide. She told me she was coming with me. After all the talk about me being by myself and me being brave she told me she was coming with me. Huh? After thinking it over, I thought it wasn’t so bad. She was going to the same airport and terminal. We also have the same boarding time. We also arrived at the same time. At least I have the 55 minutes of flying to myself.

The bad part is I can’t eat anything I want. That was the reason I wanted to be alone in the first place. Oh well. The only reason my mum and dad and sister is coming is because she won a quiz. She stayed in a 5 star hotel and of course I came along. I guess that’s the good part.

Shall I start my story? It hasn’t started yet, that was the introduction (so you have a clear picture).